The latest points for both leagues can be downloaded here:

Horslyx Series Points 2023-2024

Horslyx Series Points League

The winner of each group will win an EGUK Polo Shirt, Hoodie, Champions Rosette and Sash.

Points will be allocated individually per rider so that you can swap partners and still be in with a chance.

Points will be awarded as follows:

For 2 finals:
A Final winner 6 points
2nd 5 points
3rd 4 points

B Final winner 3 points
2nd 2 points
3rd 1 point

For 1 final
Winner 3 points
2nd 2 points
3rd 1 point

The Finals League

This league is open to everyone competing at the Horslyx Pairs and Individuals,  and whichever final you are in you have a chance to earn lots of points.

The points earned in the finals are allocated to each rider.  Therefore, you can earn points whether you are in the A or B final.

The person with the most points after the whole series will win Premier Equine SMBs, Tyler’s Hoof Oil, a 5kg Horslyx and an EGUK Hoody.


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